USEA Outreach


  • To promote a better working relationship with the Young Riders programs, the USPC and the USEA by utilizing programs already available within these three organizations.
  • To create a more universal standard of teaching on the eventing side of Pony Club.
  • To help keep upper level Pony Clubbers active by providing a link to the Young Rider programs and the Instructor Certification programs.
  • To establish a younger generation of riders and instructors in the USEA.   
  • Sara will offer one reduced rate clinic per region per year. The cost will be divided as follows:  
    • Sara reduced rate for a one to two day clinic is $500 per instructor per day    
    • Each region will also be responsible for all of Sara travel and accommodation  costs.
  • Each clinic can last for one or two days on any phase, or phases, which that specific area wishes to focus on.
  • By offering a ground school on any subject that the kids of that region wish to talk about. (Anything from preparing for a three day event, to job opportunities and sponsorship ideas in the event world.)
  • By providing information on Young Riders and the ICP at each clinic.
  • By having a feedback session on what people want to see from different USEA and USPC programs, and discussions on how they could be more effective. (Usually done at lunch or dinner)
  • By encouraging older Pony Clubbers and instructors to come and audit the clinics to find out more about the ICP.
  • Anywhere in the USA

  • Sara Kozumplik will be conducting the clinics this year.
  • Sara is an ICP level 3 coach, achieved A rating in pony club, and competes at the four star level in eventing.   

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